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The fact about inhuman treatment in Trandum detantion Camp in Oslo-Norway

The Trandum detantion camp is established as a subdepartment of the immigration department in Norway and operated by the police, under the immigration department. It was primarly designed to detain foreign immigrants who have their asylum application rejected and with unknown identity that are waiting to be sent back to their country of origin.

Observation has proved unusual operation within this police machinery and various human maltreatment.

Detainees in this enclosed camp are fed with bread, juice and tea while hot dinner from packets are served once in a day, in evening time. It is not stated as a prison but the undertake of its operation proves it is a prison with cells and enclosed rooms with maximum isolation.

The main objective of this camp is to give time for investigation to establish clear identity, and obtain travelling document that are used to send the detainees back home. The written rules states the maximum of 12 weeks (three months) is given for an investigation and the deportation out of the country (Norway). The main areas would be in medical, investigation deportation and custody.


In the course of living in the camp there is very poor medical service that most people might have not known. There is a complaint if incompetance with the people suffering of various sickness and recieving non or irrelevant medecine and sometimes 3 minute consultation with a doctor who does not establish any medical record and normal controls as should have been done.

Somebody can die or suffer serious infections while the government and the Norwegian Authority closing eyes carelessy of what a man is suffering from. The government through the juridical personel promises absolute medical care when making decision and never follow up if these medical care are provided or not. One man is suffering from serious dental disorder and has never been exposed to a dentist for a period of one month and two weeks and still nothing hopeful sounds to come.

Three people are suffering from liver disability and have never been referred to any medical assistance despite of the danger of the consequences of their health situation in the future.

People with serious injury are detained and provided no medical attention and exposed to a misserable living while in detaintion. Generally the Norwegian Authority does not care for people in Trandum in the medical ground, given the above proof. The doctor who renders service in the camp proves to ignore many serious conditions, he never takes nessesary tests, instead he uses eyes to prescribe medicine and drugs, there have been two insidents where by two people fell down after taking the prescribed pills and this is a clear danger for the use of irrelevant tablets with respect of their sickness.


The investigation done has shown that when people are detained in the camp they are assigned with an investigation officer whose work is to find where the person is coming from, prove the identity and prepare the travelling documents. But this is not done that way, initially detainess are taken to the court and given four weeks in custody and these investigators do not do any thing more until the day of the court, and in the court they claim that the investigation is not completed and give four more weeks with the same intention.

This is nothing than making detainess suffer the detention and get depressed in such conditions. According to the human rights declaration it is not usual to keep someone detained for five months investigation about his identity while not a criminal it is against the order of conduct and the moral conduct. It has to be understood that applying for asylum is not a crime and being rejected is however not a subject of criminality.

The investigation officers change statements given by the detainees and the police advocate communicate wrong data to the court as a result the most cases are interpreted as lies and even detainees are seen as uncooperative which is not true at all.

All the prosedure in Trandum is primarly ment for either psychological or physical insult and torture to the detainees. The Norwegian Authority does not consider any flow of risk of sending people home neither detaining them and somenore days in case when a person asks for his right while in the camp.

Two people where put in isolation when they asked for consultation about their sickness. This is funny for punishing a person who is first inquering for his basic human right.


In deportation is when the human right is openly breached and deporters are treated as animals and never human beeings, it is as if they are mistaken by asking for asylum in Norway. Norwegian Authority uses incomplete travelling documents to send people away, wether within Dublin area overseas. There are two among these phenomena where by people were subjected by the pilot due to the incomplete or fake travelling documentation.

However there is a clear proof that the norwegian authority sends people to the countries they do not belong. Four people have been sent without a clear establishment of their identity, two nigerians have been sent to Ivory Coast and Ghana people are sent to Nigeria and handled to these countries authority where they will be thrown in jail without charge or other inhuman treatments, since they are not or they have no origin of the conutries they are returned to.

Force is also beeing used for people who do not shov the willingness if going back regardless of the reasons, they produce of the danger they may face in their homecountry or otherwise.

The use of tranqulizing injection which is forbidden has been practised in this camp, where by aggresive deporters are injected to become docile after they have resisted to be deported or when they are showing dissatisfaction of the deportation procedure. In one case here one algerian man who wanted to see and have his document when going home, was returned back in the camp after resisting to return home - when his request was denied and because he resisted he was injected, he became quiet and unnormal and accepted deportation after a few days. This is not good and it is a very bad act, to inject somebody, with these tranqulizers has very hazardious effects of madness and mental instability for a period of time depending on the quantity given.

The use of force or violent deportation, also rise a very confusing situation few days ago. One algerian man known as Benaza Khalid was brought to Norway according to the Dublin regulation. This man was operated two days ago before 9. december and when he was returned to Norway he wanted to have sometime to rest and recover before he is returned back home, but the norwegian police never considered his request. Instead on the 9. december they wanted to deport him, he resisted partially before the police used force, handcuffed him hands and legs, threw him from the top of the upper deck bed to the floor. One police stepped on his back, beat him and carried him violently out of the room to the basement, some detainees heard him crying helplessly and in the camp all the detainees where kept away while doing this. One somalian was mistakenly there and saw what happened.

The police gave an order to the security to make sure no one sees what is going on during their violent evacuation of the poor sick african. After taking him down in the basement three detainees through the windows saw something unususal. They witnessed white long van reversed near the main exit and this man was put in the boot of the back of the van, unconcious and they further saw only one policeman driving the man away. The qustion is if this man is still alive or dead, the eyewitness said this is dead and the flow of the event shows that this man is either in coma or dead.

This is only one event that has been witnessed by people it sounds there are many activities like this that has never been witnessed and hence there is a clear indication that human rights are ignored in Norway, and that detainees' lives are in danger.

Human rights activists may demand to see where this man is treated through the Algerian consulate in Sweden. There is a possibility if this algerian man to be in a confusing situation, due to the environment of deportation and the physical behaviour of the the police officers who tries to see if anyone was in a position to see what would happen before throwing the man in the boot and drove fast with only one police driver. How come that someone is deported with only a driver and put in boot and not in normal seats?

This is the information gathered by antiracist groups in Oslo and the intention to investiagte the general sítuation in the named place because there is a clear indication of inhuman activities going on there and the norwegian authority oversees all this.

We call upon human right organisations to question about the allegation and close this camp, if proved.

With regard

a Human right activist